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HelioPower invisible solar heating
Invisible solar water heating systems is a commercial product allowing the architect freedom to design and be free from local restriction and integrate solar water heating in the climate shield of any building.

Invisible solar power hvidovre
Available for roofs with stone slates or bitumen roofing felt.

SunMembrane HelioPower    
HelioPower technology is building surface integrated solar panels which during the day harvest energy for heating purposes such a tap water heating, floor heating, swimming pool heating.

As to the climate shield integration the solar water heating system is invisible and allows the architect to design the house without concern to local design limitations. As to this feature 15 systems has been installed in Denmark, in South Africa and in Spain.

Project period: 2008-2010 – www.heliopower.dk was closed 2012. The project was invented by and subsidized by HelioPower A/S investors and Stobbe Tech A/S.

BituSun presentation in Hvidovre       HeliPower SunMembrane slate roof