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HelioPower JouleWall

SunMembrane HelioPower         JouleWall_fluid_diagram_

HelioPower technology is building surface integrated heat exchangers which during the day harvest energy for heating purposes and during the night time loose energy to the universe for cooling purposes.

Combine the HelioPower technology and the JouleWall technology – the future integration of various building parts into an overall energy management – and obtain the lowest investment, operating cost and carbon foot print.

JouleWall technology is traditional production method using known materials for building design eliminating the otherwise costly air-conditions system in buildings. The Thermo-Active-Building Systems of today is only capable of transferring 30 W/m2/floor and the invented JouleWall is capable of tripling the energy transferring capability, which is required for replacement of air-conditions systems in warmer countries.

Traditional ducting in office buildings, hotels for ventilation and temperature control covers 50% of the typical total installation cost ranging 2,000 to 5,000 Euro/m2 including heat pumps, tubing, ducting and lowered ceiling grid system. The HelioPower and JouleWall technologies will save 10% in building investment and 85% in electricity consumption.

www.heliopower.dk closed 2013

The project was subsidized and developed by Stobbe Tech A/S

Project period: 2008-2010