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Descartes research prize

High cell density CellCore perfusion SUB

Glycomics perfusion SUB cultivation

GlucoCell sensor in CellCore SUB

NanoSponge giant SiC carrier by August

Stobbe mounting VR units in SolAir

Clean exhaust from indoor Volvo

DPF for truck particulate emission !!

CAT for mining use with DPF mounted

Stobbe present HydroSol-2 reactor

Stobbe Tech A/S is a well-established R&D performing SME operating since 1986. Our approach is to support a sustainable environment by promoting technologies insuring clean:


  • AIR – tackling the increased number of entities using only fossil fuel
  • WATER – in a world with constant reduced drinking water resources
  • ENERGY – like electricity and Hydrogen production with solar power
  • HEALTH – improved production of biological medicines and possible human spare parts