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Stobbe Tech A/S was established in 1986 as a R&D performing SME. The primary purpose has ever since been to create IPR and materialize R&D projects into a range of spin-off daughter companies promoting each one of four specific visions:

1. Hot gas cleaning ceramic filters, Diesel-Particulate-Filters is now industrialized and manufactured by www.notox.com , www.dinex.dk , www.liqtech.dk and www.pirelli.com/environment/en/feelpure/feelpure-filter.html
2. Hot ceramic surfaces (manufactured by Saint-Gobain) for solar tower applications industrialized and manufactured by www.bengoasolar.com and www.ka-muenchen.de
3. Corrosion stable large size SiC ceramic carriers and SiC membranes for separating particles from liquids industrialized and now manufactured by www.liqtech.dk , www.veolia.com and www.saint-gobain.com
4. Production equipment for pharma and chemical industry all by Stobbe Tech A/S companies:

  • Manufacturing and sales of customizable bioreactors (SUB) and fermenter (SUF) for cells in suspension or on beads and batch operation www.cercell.com
  • Manufacturing and sales of SUB for continuous perfusion processing of mammalian cell lines for antibody production www.perfusecell.com
  • In development a SUB for continues mass production, proliferation of stem cells www.prolifecell.com
  • Early stage development of peristaltic and diaphragm Single-Use-Pumps www.pumpcell.com
  • Early stage development of customizable Process-Control-Systems for bioreactor control www.cronus-pcs-com