Commercial setup

Where we have been and are now organised

Stobbe Tech A/S was established in 1986 as a R&D performing SME. The primary purpose has ever since been to create IPR and materialize IPR / R&D projects into a range of spin-off daughter companies promoting each one of four specific visions:

  1. Ceramic filters for hot gas cleaning - SiliconCarbide Diesel-Particulate-Filters were invented, production and marked developed by us through our daughter company NoTox® 1989-1996. From 1998 and a few years ahead Corning took over. We followed up through our new daughter company Which 1997-2004 gave license given to and NoTox with some turbulent years was acquired 2017 and now a 63 mio € investment production unit in Svendborg - 
  2. Hot ceramic surfaces for Concentrated-Solar-Power tower applications industrialized by our HelioTech 2000-2005 and manufactured by and Through our HelioPower A/S and HelioPower Ltd. manufacturing, sales and installation of invisible solar heating / cooling systems in Denmark and South-Africa.
  3. Corrosion stable large size ceramic carriers and ceramic membranes for separating particles from liquids industrialized in a team with CeraMem 1998-2004 and now manufactured by and and

Our 4th vision was to have yet one positive impact on human life. Which was decided to be development, manufacturing, and production of single-use equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2010 Stobbe® Group focused on this target. Since 2015 the group consist of a farther company, the present mother company and 5 daughter companies:

  1. Customizable Single-Use-Bioreactor's (SUB) for mammalian cells and Single-Use-Fermenter's (SUF) for microbial applications in suspension and for batch operation -
  2. Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor's (P-SUB's) for continuous processing / perfusion / cell retention of mammalian cell lines for antibody expression -
  3. Development of scaffold based P-SUB's for continues mass production, proliferation of stem cells -
  4. Unique computer controlled diaphragm Single-Use-Pump's -
  5. Process-Control-System units for Single-Use-Pump and Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor control -

Research & Development even after 30 years still takes place in - the mother company.

cercel.jpg pumpcell.jpg perfuse cell.jpg cronus pcs.jpg prolifecell.jpg
Single-Use-Bioreactors and Single-Use-Fermenters.
Single-Use-Pumps, 0-5 bar, few mL/hour to 50 liter/min.
Perfusion ­
Single-Use-Bioreactor for
expression of ­anti-bodies.
Configurable open platform
Process-Control-System with different active units.
Single-Use-Bioreactor for proliferation of stem cells. belongs to Stobbe Group