About history

An innovative and very creative team

We are proud of that our team members chose to stay with us for years. And shared our values in a strong and innovate team. Covering the four areas: clean air, clean water, clean energy and clean health.

ST team 1985.jpgStobbe Team 1988.jpgSE_team_1994.jpgSt team 1989.jpg

Growing our company from small with me and Paul Schnell originates from 1983 of which the B/W photo is from. The colour photo at left are from 1988 ranging towards 1994 to 1995 expanding in the industrial area of city Gentofte, Denmark.


CerCell_team_2013.jpgCerCell team 2015.jpgCerCell team ultimo 2016.JPG

Photos of most of the team members ranging 2014 to 2016 in “the White House” in Holte, Denmark. All concentrated around development and manufacturing of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.