• CAT for mining use with DPF mounted
  • Clean exhaust from indoor Volvo
  • DPF for truck particulate emission !!
  • GlucoCell sensor in CellCore SUB
  • Glycomics perfusion SUB cultivation
  • High cell density CellCore perfusion SUB
  • Julich start up 2009
  • NanoSponge giant SiC carrier by August
  • Philippe Per Bernhard SolAir project
  • Stobbe mounting VR units in SolAir
  • Stobbe present HydroSol 2 reactor

Air & Water

AIR – tackling the increased number of entities using only fossil fuel as power source. WATER – in a world with constant reduced drinking water resources.

Research & Development

R&D SME operating since 1986 in a broad perspective. The approach is to support a sustainable environment and promote technologies to support humans.

Energy & Health

ENERGY – like electricity and Hydrogen production with solar power. HEALTH – improved production of biological medicines and cells for human spare parts.