Gas filters

This was where I expected us to be !

Looking back - we were too early and too small in the development of the highly applicable black Re-SiC porous multi cell technology as Diesel-Particulate-Filters (DPF). We created all the basic methods, technologies, and even a production method able to support the off-road market in the early 90ties. The package was sold to friendly Corning by hostile, greedy danish investors and later copied by several competitors in Europe.


We did have the biggest impact on how DPF developed during 1995 to 2005. We impacted significant the biggest players being Corning, Saint Gobain, Ibiden, etc.

This great Re-SiC porous multi cell technology was invented by an ambitious and innovative company - us. Many expensive  patent applications to back the many great inventions up. We learned the hard way that such a small country like Denmark completely lack the resources and vision to create a potential big international business. Few years after several EU based companies we jumped into un-realistic business plans! Total investment in EU ranged >300 mio € - and then the marked collapsed – too many suppliers in a too competitive market!

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