Extruder design, upgrade and manufacturing from 1987 – 2010

Wonderful equipment was offered by Frank Händle over the years. At a very early stage we had the pleasure to attend training and extrusion test in Muhlacher. Must have been 1985. Often we did not have the resources to invest in such and was forced to develop the equipment ourselves. Though at the end NoTox purchased two new extruders from Haendle around 2010.

Besides the extruders we designed and manufactured many Extrusion Die Heads, Air Beds, Rotating dryers, Cutting devices, Capping equipment, Coating apparatuses, furnaces, test equipment – all for manufacturing of multi-cell re-crystallized Silicon Carbide honeycombs.

We even designed and build commercially operating multi-cell re-crystallized Silicon Carbide extruders for Dinex in Denmark and CeraMem in USA.

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