Scientific CSP articles for Solar Hydrogen production

Splitting water into H2 and O2 with solar power

The project idea of splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen via CSP and multi cell Silicon Carbide monoliths coated with a catalyst came from Athanasious. It took two EU projects and some 6 years hard work to figure out how to concert ideas into a semi industrial stage reality.

Per Stobbe present HydroSol-2.jpgsun inside.jpgHydroSol2_reactor_rear.jpggrinding on CESA top.jpg160404_Hydrosol Reaktor.jpgAugust 2007 PSA.JPG

More information to be found under Research/HydroSol projects.

Please find below articles from our intensive work:

  • Solar water splitting for hydrogen production with monolithic reactors
  • Solar hydrogen production by a two-step cycle based on mixed iron oxides
  • Impressive general SUN data

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