Where we are today and for 10 years ahead

Quite fantastic ride started with the Atlantis project in 2007. It took time to create the Stobbe Group within the pharma business. Enormous investment went into product development. With some difficulties I managed to keep Stobbe Group independent and free of investors and banks. Free to supply the market with visionary products absolutely being on the forefront.

It certainly was not easy to grow the 5 daughter companies - each with their specific range of technologies and products. Take a look under Commerce. Market introduction even for great technologies take time. Marketing was a pleasure and our acceptance did grow significantly over time.

August 2011.JPGfather+son.JPGscalable guys 2013.JPGheavy_STR_Stobbe_2011.JPGfather + son 2014-crop3.JPGstobbe and son with fermenters.JPG

I have had the biggest impact on how Single-Use-Bioreactor's develop these years. My CerCell developed from insignificant 2010 to the most important customised Single-Use-Bioreactor manufacturer in 2018. CerCell is 2018 the most important global customised Single-Use-Bioreactor 500 ml to 30 liter manufacturer.

Photos above show that - as I became older and potentially (much) wiser my youngest son, August still a teenager, grew from a kid to a wonderful young and individual person. August was part of this amazing ride over those 10 years.

Per Stobbe - May 2018

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