About history

An innovative and very creative team

I am proud that our team members choose to stay with me for years. Shared my dreams and values developing all of us into a strong and innovate team. Covering the four areas of my dreams: clean air, clean water, clean energy and clean health.

ST team 1985.jpgStobbe Team 1988.jpgSE_team_1994.jpgSt team 1989.jpg

Growing the company from small. B/W photo with me and Poul Schnell originates from 1983. About the same time I started studying (Mechanics and Ceramics) at the Danish Technical University and 7 years ahead. The first colour photos are from 1988 ranging towards 1994 and 1995 at expanding facilities in the industrial area of city Gentofte in Denmark.


CerCell_team_2013.jpgCerCell team 2015.jpgCerCell team ultimo 2016.JPGCerCell team 2018.JPG

The four colour photos show most of the team members ranging 2014 to 2018 in “The White House” in Holte, Denmark. All concentrated around development and manufacturing of medicine producing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

R&D company Stobbe Engineering A/S originates from 1986. Turned into Stobbe Tech A/S in 1997 and eventually merged with daughter company CerCell Aps in 2019 to CerCell A/S now part of Stobbe Group. The R&D focusing Stobbe Tech A/S had then fulfilled its purpose in creating ground breaking technologies for environment protection and globally improved life for humans.

Over the years we had the pleasure to involve +25 student from Danish Technical University. Help them during a semester or with an exam, give them vision and support in their life. My way of paying back all the support I got as engineer student at DTU in the 80ties.

In general I was 20 years ahead of my time with most of my R&D. It took 30 years before of the international society took my SiC hot-gas-filter filter technology serious. Landson acquired my NoTox technology in Denmark 2019 and 2023 moved the 60 m€ factory to China for a 10.000 ton year planned capacity of porous SiC ceramics - all based on my development.

Per Stobbe - 2023